December 29, 2009

Share PowerPoint Presentations Easily Online with

Recently, I found myself needing to share a PowerPoint presentation with a large group of people. I was hoping to find a site like Youtube, but with the ability to upload PowerPoint presentations (.ppt and .pptx) instead of videos. I found Slideshare, a website dedicated to uploading and sharing PowerPoint presentations.

To upload your presentation, you must first create a free Slideshare account here. After confirming your account, you are able to start uploading.

What is especially nice about Slideshare is that, like Youtube, it allows you to embed your slideshow in any web page. You also have the ability to make the slideshow private, if you wish. Here is a slideshow by Francisco Grajales III on Social Media, that I embedded into this post as an example of the sharing capabilities of Slideshare.

Slideshare is free to use and is a great resource for those looking for an easier way to share PowerPoint presentations.

One caveat: When I originally tested a PowerPoint presentation, it cut off pieces of text near the top and bottom of the slides. So be sure to give your presentation a decent size margin before uploading.

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Francisco J Grajales III said...

Hi Chris, thank you for sharing my presentation with your readers. I hope that they like it. =)

Indeed, allows users to post any presentation and select wether viewers can download it or not. The important piece, if you are looking to ensure that their formatting wont change your slideshow, is to upload your presentation as a .pptx.

I hope this advice helps and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.