March 31, 2011

Happy World Backup Day!

The folks at PC Magazine want to remind you to that March 31is World Backup Day, a reminder to secure your data before you lose it.

World Backup Day was created by Reddit users (a computer discussion website) to spread awareness and to get those who have never backed up data to start. The World Backup Day site also provides resources on how to backup data. It gives step-by-step options for three different manners of securing data: USB stick or external hard drive, DVD/CD-ROM/Blu-ray, or online backup. "It's a good idea to backup files regularly and in at least two separate places, just to be safe," the group suggested.

There are also a growing number of options for data storage in the cloud. Amazon recently debuted its Cloud Player music storage service. Google is also expected to launch a similar service, called Google Music. Additionally, Apple is said to be revamping its cloud-based storage service, MobileMe.

Have you backed up your data today?