January 26, 2009

The Benefits of Print Media?

Recently, The Tech Desk has been covering the switch from print to digital format in the news business. It seems more and more media are reducing or eliminating print and moving to all online, electronic publications. One publication that seems to want to keep a foot in both worlds is Entertainment Weekly. This ad recently appeared on the magazine's website, touting the benefits of print media.

Other ads on the site encourage readers to use the hard copy magazine as a keepsake to remember significant events (the passing of Paul Newman, the release of the Twilight movie).

Personally, I utilize both forms of the magazine. I read my hardcopy of the magazine during my daughter's dance class, but I also read the ew.com website for original content, such as recaps of popular TV shows and literary theories regarding the labyrinth that is Lost.

Weigh in on the debate. Do you prefer to read newspapers and magazines in their original paper format, or do you curl up in front of a computer screen to read your favorite periodical?


Maria said...

This is the one format I almost always read only online. I find subscribing to them wasteful since I only read them once and, if I need them again, I know how to find them (being a librarian is so handy!). But as I've said before in this blog, I prefer to curl up with a good book.

Phillip Kwik said...

I have to agree with Maria.

Too often, I am seduced by a cover article of a magazine so I purchase it. Then, my interest wanes, usually because in the intervening time, I have read something about the story online.

As a result, a pile of magazines on my coffee table remains unread. A waste of money and paper.

Increasingly, if it is news and is on a web site, I prefer to read it there.