April 22, 2010

OverDrive App for iPhone Available Now

OverDrive, one of the vendors that supplies downloadable audiobooks for the Troy Public Library, has released an eagerly awaited app that allows OverDrive MP3 format audiobooks to be directly downloaded to the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. You can download the iPhone app through the Apple App Store.

With the addition of the iPhone app, OverDrive MP3 audiobooks are now available for almost all major smartphones, including BlackBerry devices, Android, and Windows Mobile devices. Go here to download the version of OverDrive Media Console for your device.
OverDrive has also released software updates for some other mobile devices, including v1.0 of OverDrive Media Console for BlackBerry. You can download this update here.

For more information about these new releases, see this press release and this blog post.

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