August 19, 2008

Excel Tip: Auto-Fit Columns

Here's a quick tip for all you Excel fans.

One of the more tedious things to do in Excel is to correctly set the width of the columns to fit to the text that you are typing. For example:
We need to fit the columns to the text so that all of the text can be seen. To do this quickly, hover over the right edge of the column header until your mouse turns into a doublesided left-right arrow. Then double click to have the column Auto-Fit quickly to the text.

If you have multiple columns that need to be Auto-Fit, select all of the columns you need to Auto-Fit and then follow the same procedure by double clicking on any of the selected columns' dividers. Just like that, your columns are all auto-fitted!

(Note: this works in both Excel 2003 and Excel 2007.)


alex said...

Thank you for the tip!


Anonymous said...

Thank you!