April 20, 2011

Disney Digital Books Now Available Through OverDrive

Disney Digital Books are now available through OverDrive. This collection of over 650 titles includes books for a wide variety of ages that feature both classic and new Disney characters.

Disney Digital Books are also interactive. Some books will read the text to you. Others feature trivia games as you proceed through the title. All Disney Digital Books feature a built-in dictionary that will pronounce and give the definition of a word when clicked.

Disney Digital Books work a little differently than other eBooks offered through OverDrive. Unlike other OverDrive items, Disney Digital Books are not downloaded directly to your computer or transferred to a portable device such as an eReader. Instead, they are viewed from within your computer's web browser. After checking out a Disney Digital Book, visit your Digital Bookshelf in OverDrive and click the Launch button for the book that you wish to view. The Disney Digital Book will open in a new tab or browser window.

Click Launch to open a Disney Digital Book

Another difference with Disney Digital Books compared to other OverDrive items is that they are always available. You do not have to place holds on them; they can be checked out at any time and by multiple people at the same time. Please remember, though, that Disney Digital Book checkouts do count towards your 10-item OverDrive checkout limit. Also, remember that there is no way to return Disney Digital Books early.

Additionally, Disney Digital Books currently are only available for use on PCs and Mac computers. At this time they are not available for viewing on devices such as the iPad. For a complete list of Disney Digital Book technical requirements, please go here. Like all eResources provided by the Troy Library, you will need a valid Troy Library card to be able to access Disney Digital Books through OverDrive. To get started, go to troylibrary.info, click on the "Download eBooks, Audiobooks" link, and select OverDrive.

We hope that you like this new collection of titles available through OverDrive. Let us know your thoughts about Disney Digital Books by leaving a comment below.

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