June 30, 2010

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010

This year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3 for short) was held in Los Angeles, June 15 -17. PC magazine reported on all the breaking news from the event.

Microsoft unveiled a slimmed-down version of the Xbox 360. The also unveiled the commercial release of Project Natal, which is now called Kinect. Kinect eliminates the standard Xbox controller. Instead,  the player becomes the controller through advanced motion-capture technology.

Sony also introduced a motion controller called the PlayStation Move. The Move, has the sense of fun that made the Nintendo Wii such a massive hit, while possessing the precision required to play more serious titles. The Move is due out in September.

Nintendo had the biggest hardware hit of E3. The 3DS, the successor to the company's popular Nintendo DS, delivers on Nintendo's promise of 3D graphics without glasses. That device, which doesn't have a ship date yet, also includes a 3D digital camera, a motion sensor, and a gyroscope.
You can read all about E3 here, including awards presented. Plenty of games that utilize the new technologies will be available soon. What do you think of the new gaming interfaces? Will you rush out to purchase them or will it depend on the games offered?

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