July 13, 2010

Be Informed for August 3 State Primary Elections

Voter Guides for the August 3, 2010 Primary Election are available on the League of Women Voters of Michigan web site at http://www.lwvmi.org. The guides on this site cover the races for Governor, US Representative, State Senator and State Representative.

The Guides provide non-partisan information about candidates who are running. Each candidate is given an opportunity to provide biographical information and to answer a number of questions on issues important to the office being sought. Responses are included as submitted and have not been edited, except for space.

For voters in Oakland County, the LWV Oakland Area has Voter Guides for races happening in Oakland County. There are also several candidate forums scheduled for July.

Local voters can use Publius to get a sample ballot with integrated candidate information. Voters can also use the Secretary of State's Voter Information Center to get a sample ballot.

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