July 14, 2010

Find Out What's in Your Computer with Speccy

Many people do not know what components are inside their computer. They can tell you the operating system is Windows 7 and the that the CPU is from Intel, but that is the extent of their knowledge. If they wanted to upgrade their PC and needed to find this information, they would not know where to go.

A great way to discover the hardware specifications of your computer is to use Speccy. Speccy is a program that will quickly analyze your computer and return incredibly detailed results about your computer's hardware, including information about the hard drive, CPU, memory, motherboard, video card, and more. Is you processor dual or quad core? What type of RAM are you using? Who manufactured your hard drive? What is your hard drive's temperature? All of these questions can be answered quickly by using Speccy.

To download Speccy, go here. If you try it let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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