October 8, 2010

Quickly Extract Images from a PowerPoint Presentation

Today at the Troy Public Library's Technology Desk, I had a patron ask me the following question:

"Is there any quick way to extract images used in a PowerPoint presentation?"

I knew that I could copy each image individually into a program like Paint or Paint.NET and then re-save each image, but that seemed very tedious and time consuming for the patron, so I searched for an alternative. I eventually came across this post from labnol.blogspot.com.

The advice is simple: save the PowerPoint presentation as a web page (.htm, .html file), and PowerPoint will extract the images for you. Not only does PowerPoint extract the images to gif, .jpg, or .png files, but it also creates some additional web page related files. You can safely delete these excess files by organizing the files by type in Windows Explorer.

Do you have any other PowerPoint hints? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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powerpoint templates said...

Image quality is a problem but in case of presentations where you have say more than 30-40 slides, I think this is a good way to batch export all the images. Thanks for the comment