August 29, 2009

Top 10 Web Sites for Students

It is back to school time, and the Internet can be a great place to help your children succeed with their research projects and homework assignments. But, learning where to go and how to appropriately use information on the Internet can be challenging to both parents and students.

Marc Saltzman, a freelance journalist, author, and radio and TV host, has a great article, giving a list of the most comprehensive and reliable educational websites a student can use.

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Anonymous said...

No kids use these website anymore.

MSN Encarta has been WAY outdone by wikipedia, not to mention someone forgot to check and see that its shutting down in October. has been reacquired by Cnet. The article should probably mention that the downloads are now safe, whereas 3 years ago it was unmoderated and...not exactly safe. Keep in mind, this will not help students, it will help people who want game demos.

Novelguide? No student has ever heard of novelguide. Sparknotes is the current the industry standard. is rather ad infested. A quick google search on "math help" will get you find a much better website.

FreeTranslation has been WAY outdone by Google Translate.

Here's an updated list of websites students will find useful.
Useful for collaborative editing on documents. Makes group assignments tons easier. Also has chat support right on the page
It's a program, but it allows students to keep updated files everywhere. For example, save a document to your home computer, have it automatically synced to your laptop. Simple to use too.

Knowledge base for everything. Teachers won't let you reference an online encyclopedia anyway, so if neither encarta nor wikipedia can be referenced, this has better information

The best website out there is google. By knowing *ALL* the complexities of how to properly search, you can find *anything you're looking for.

Mods: Feel free to edit this post to your hearts desire. Please leave my recommended websites on here for people to see...or make a new post about them. Some are incredibly useful