September 19, 2009

Find Locally-Grown Produce in Your Neighborhood on Veggie Trader

Gardeners, do you wish you could turn your excess tomatoes into apples, or maybe even a little cash? Or, if you are a non-gardener, are you looking for fresh, locally-grown food right in your neighborhood?

You might take a look at Veggie Trader. The site was started by neighborhood gardeners from Portland, Oregon, and New York, who believe eating locally is less expensive, more sustainable, and a better way to live. Veggie Trader is about community, finding local food, strengthening local economies, and getting to know your neighbors.

Veggie Trader is free, easy, and works like a classified advertisement. You post a listing describing the excess produce you have and what you'd like in return, and then you wait for a response. Or, if you're looking for local produce, just enter your zip code and see what your neighbors have available. You can also post specific produce for which you are looking in the Wanted section and see which of your neighbors answers your request.

Currently, Veggie Trader has over 7,000 members. Though biggest on the East and West Coasts, there were a few traders Michigan. But the creators hope that, in time, the site will grow and prove to be an important source for locally-grown produce and sustainable economics.

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