September 4, 2009

Libraries, With or Without Books

Libraries are no longer just quiet places to read and borrow books. In a world where information is more online and digitized, librarians are changing to meet the needs of their patrons. They are called on to give technical support as well as deal with reference questions and assist patrons with online catalogs and social networking.

Physical books and electronic books are here to stay, but the role of the library will continue to change and develop. Read more about it at

"Think of the changes as a Library 2.0 revolution--a mirror of what's happened on the Web."


Anonymous said...

I really wish that every single article written about new technology in libraries didn't have to begin with a reference to shushing and grouchy librarians. Seriously, mass media, can we ditch the stereotype? It's not even an effective image anymore, it's just lazy writing, in my opinion.

d.babcock said...

The books will be missed, but the digital age is here! I tend to agree that most books will be digitized and that we need to embrace this technology.

Donna said...

Digitized materials are the way to go. We just need to accept the new technology. It takes time to adjust.