October 30, 2009

Fun Friday: Halloween Edition

According to CareerBuilder’s Halloween survey conducted among more than 4,000 workers, nearly one-in-five (18%) workers describe their workplace as scary.

Some workers think their workplace is scary because their bosses bear a strong resemblance to famous Halloween characters. When asked which popular characters best reflect their boss’s behavior, workers said the following:

Glenda the Good Witch, liked and respected by all - 20%

The Wolf Man, fine one minute, howling the next - 11%

The Invisible Man, never around - 10%

Casper the Friendly Ghost, eager to help, but often misunderstood - 9%

Dracula, constantly sucking the life right out of you - 6%

Wicked Witch of the West, conniving and sending out minions to do his/her dirty work - 5%

The Mummy, slow-moving and has an ancient thought process - 4%

Grim Reaper, constantly delivers bad news and inspires fear among workers - 3%

Frankenstein, green with envy - 1%

In addition to spooky bosses, when asked what the scariest part of their job was, workers reported the following fear-inducing activities:

Workload - 18%

Performance reviews - 9%

Tight deadlines - 9%

Hours worked - 8%

Their boss or supervisor - 7%

Sitting through meetings - 6%

Hm. I wonder how the Technology Department staff would describe me as a boss. I have my suspicions....

In any case, how about your workplace? Let us know.

And have a Happy Halloween.

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Maria said...

I LOVE where I work! I have autonomy and wonderful co-workers. :)