October 27, 2009

See the Moons and Planets at the Troy Public Library

Interested in the moons and the planets?

Drop by the Troy Public Library after dark (about 6:30 pm) on Wednesday, October 28, and Thursday, October 29, and let members of the Ford Amateur Astronomy Club help put your head in the clouds.

Club members will set up telescopes to give you a great view of Earth's moon - now in its first quarter. Viewers should be able to see mountains and craters on the lunar surface. You should also be able to see the giant planet Jupiter -- 465 million miles away -- and a few of its moons.

The telescopes will be on the sidewalk on the east side of the Library, at the north end of the handicapped parking area, right in front of the current construction. There will be minimal interference with pedestrian traffic.

If you have an interest in seeing what else is out there, here's your chance. The early weather forecasts are clear and mild for both evenings -- perfect nights for sky gazing.

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