October 7, 2009

Managing Electronic Waste

More and more households may find themselves accumulating electronic waste, or "e-waste," as they purchase new electronic equipment or replace existing equipment with newer technologies. Electronic waste is any unwanted or discarded electronic equipment and consists of items such as TVs,VHS and DVD players, computer hardware, cell phones, and more. Many states, including Michigan, have passed legislation that regulates the recycle or disposal of electronic equipment because often they contain toxic pollutants such as mercury, chromium and lead.

Beginning October 2009, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) will maintain a list of registered manufacturers and links to each manufacturer web page providing details on where covered electronic equipment can be recycled. The list is/will be available at www.michigan.gov/deqewaste under the link titled 'Electronic Waste Takeback Program.'

For more information on managing electronic waste in Michigan read What Do Generators Need to Know About Electronic Waste?

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