January 4, 2010

Erase Your Virtual Life

Are you tired of condensing all your wit and wisdom into 140-character tweets?

Are you frustrated with friending family you haven’t seen in years?

Are you worn out on waving? Miserable with being mashed up, linked in, street viewed and RSS fed?

Here might be your answer. Techcrunch reports that Moddr, a Netherlands-based new media lab, will help you delete enough of your social network accounts to render you a virtual non-person.

The site runs a python script which launches a browser session and automates the process of disconnecting you from social networks On Facebook, for instance, it removes all your friends and groups. On Twitter, it deletes all of your tweets, and removes all the people you follow and your followers. It does not actually delete these accounts, it just puts them to rest. (Here is a video showing how this works with Twitter).

Note Techcrunch’s warning: “This will really delete your online presence and is irrevocable."

Tweet us... er, phone us... if you give this a try at 248.524.3542.

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