September 30, 2010

Two PDF Tools to Add to Your Arsenal

When it comes to PDFs there are occasional times when the basic tools included with Adobe Reader do not do what you want. During these times I end up turning to one or both of the tools i have described below.

PDF2Word Online:
PDF2WordOnline allows you to quickly convert a  PDF file to a document that can be edited in Microsoft Word. Unlike the often sluggish and frequently down, this online application quickly converts your PDF without requiring an email address. Simply upload your PDF and wait for PDF2Word to convert your file. When it's finished, you will need to right click on the "download file" link and click on "Save Target As." The file will be downloaded as a .zip file. After extraction, you can open the converted file in Microsoft Word. The couple of conversions that I tried took a total of about three minutes and converted surprisingly well.

You should note that PDF2WordOnline conversions are in the rich-text format (.rtf) as opposed to the typical .doc format. This can be quickly remedied by performing a "Save As" in Word and selecting the compatible .doc (Word 97-2003) format.

PDF Split and Merge:
If you have ever created a multi-page PDF document that you then wanted to split into individual PDF documents, PDF Split and Merge is the tool for you. This small, installable program has the ability to merge two or more separate PDF documents into one single PDF file. It is a great tool to have access to, and best of all is free!

Let us know of any other PDF software tools by leaving us a comment.

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