September 17, 2010

IE9 Beta Released - "Beauty of the Web"

On September 15, Microsoft officially unveiled the first beta release of IE9, the latest version of Internet Explorer, the world's most popular web browser. IE9 has been dramatically changed, and is ready to take on other browsers in the market like Chrome and Firefox.

Here is a quick rundown of the biggest changes to IE9:
  • New user interface
  • Tabs are now located to the right of the address bar
  • Unified search and address bar (like Google Chrome)
  • Revamped download manager (similar to Firefox's implementation)
  • Only works with Windows Vista or Windows 7 machines
  • Jump list support
  • Pinned web application support
  • New speed dial interface for the new tab page
[Image courtesy of Ed Bott at]

There have also been many behind the scene changes to IE9 including HTML5 support and hardware acceleration, which is enabled by default. For additional information about hardware acceleration take a look at our previous post "The Future of Web Browsers: Why You Should Be Excited Pt. 2."

If you are interested in downloading the newest beta release, I would encourage you to check out Microsoft's IE9 promotional website,

Finally, if you are looking for a more in-depth review of IE9 including a full rundown of all of the major feature changes, check out Ed Bott's excellent blog post.

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