September 17, 2010

notes for later - The Note Taking Bookmarklet for the Email User

I have a confession. I love bookmarklets. They are a handy, universal tool that allows you to perform an action simply by clicking on a bookmark in your browser. They also work with multiple browsers including IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

I am constantly searching for bookmarklets that perform tasks on web pages that would otherwise be time consuming and tedious. That's when I came across this post at Downloadsquad, talking about's bookmarklet.

Notesforlater will allow you to quickly send a link along with a short note to yourself about the page to your email. After you set up the bookmarklet, which is just a matter of clicking a verification link in your email and dragging the custom bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar, it will be ready to use.

Being someone who constantly looks at my email and uses it for bookmarks and important links, this has already become a great tool in my bookmarklet arsenal.

For other great bookmarklets take a look at Lee Mathews post on the "15+ handy bookmarklets to power up any browser." Lee provides a great list for starters looking to try out bookmarklets.

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