August 17, 2008

Watch Videos on Your Computer with MyLibraryDV

Is the high cost of movie rentals keeping you out of Blockbusters? Are you bored with reruns on TV? Well, first-rate entertainment is as close as your computer screen with MyLibraryDV!

MyLibraryDV is a unique video-on-demand service, available to you with your Troy Public Library card. You can download from a collection of over 1,000 movies, TV shows and lifestyle programs, 24/7, anywhere you have a broadband internet connection.

You have to first install the download manager, which is a one-time process. Once the manager is installed, you launch the video player by clicking on the MyLibraryDV icon on your desktop. Then it’s just a matter of choosing the video in which you are interested. Movies from Tootsie to The Count of Monte Cristo are just a mouse click away!

To get started, visit the Troy Public Library homepage and click on the MyLibraryDV icon.

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