August 4, 2008

Create Simple To-Do Lists or Edit Simple Text with

Do you crave simplicity? Do you find yourself needing to keep simple on-line lists but you are not sure where to turn? Are services like Remember the Milk just a little too much for you?

Well then mytextfile may be just what you have been waiting for. Mytextfile is a simple online text file that you can edit and save at your leisure. The service requires a Google account to sign in, but once you're in, you are able to add, delete, or edit your text file however you please.

This is not a website for people who like fancy graphical interfaces and colorful to-do lists. This is a site for straight text, or code snippets that you can save and access anywhere and any time, so long as you have internet access. You have access to one file and one file only. And best of all, this file will autosave as you type every 5 minutes -- or you can choose to save at any moment by clicking the save button.

I've already found it to be a perfect, straightforward way to create to-do lists for my needs. Maybe you can use it too!

You can find this tool at .

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