November 16, 2008

Musebin: New Music Review, Micro-Blogging Social Site

I was excited to read this story on Wired, which talked about Musebin, a new social networking site. Musebin combines micro-blogging – like Twitter – with Reddit-like music reviews.

Like Twitter, Musebin limits each album review to a single, 140-character line. And like Reddit, it allows users to rate those reviews up or down using Yea or Nay buttons. The result, according the Wired, is: “a fresh and compelling way to share opinions and be entertained while discovering music.”

I was all set to forward this article to the other two Technology librarians here – Lauren, a Twitter proponent, and John, a musician – when I realized that Musebin is in private beta with a limited user base. Currently, there are around 200 users who have posted about a thousand reviews.

I requested an invitation, but have not, yet, heard.

If anyone has used Musebin, I would be interested in your thoughts.


Lauren Henderson said...

I have also requested an invite! I'm dying to try this one.

Greg said...


We're running low on invites, but since you were nice enough to blog about Musebin we'll be happy to send you one. E-mail me at greg at sawhorsemedia dot com and I'll sent you one.



Phillip Kwik said...

Thanks, Greg. I would love to have one. I’ll keep you posted about our use.

Thanks, again.