December 9, 2008

Gmail Adds Tasks for On-Line To-Do Lists

Yesterday, Gmail, my personal favorite web-email client, added the ability to add tasks via Gmail Labs. This is big news for me, as I had been using Remember the Milk (RtM) (with Gmail integration) for a while now. After using Gmail's Tasks, I can already tell that I'll be making the switch to Gmail for my online To-Do list.

Here are a quick rundown of some of the pros and cons of Gmail's Tasks:


- Direct and clean integration with Gmail: This is the most important feature for me, as I already use Gmail, Google Calendar, Picasa Photos, and Google Reader on an everyday basis.

-Straightforward and simple design: One of my problems with RtM is the over complexity of the design. With Gmail's Tasks, everything is straightforward and simple to use.

- The ability to add emails to your Task list. This is another killer feature for me personally, as I often like to remember "To-do" certain things that are listed in an email.

- Many other features that are built in are pretty standard in most To-do managers such as due dates, notes on tasks, and the ability to view completed tasks.

- Finally, the ability to create individual lists is an excellent feature. This way, you could have lists such as "Work", "School" and a general "To-Do," if you liked.


- No Google Calendar integration. This one is a bit surprising, though I expect the integration to come soon.

- The lack of the ability to add tasks via phone. This one is probably the biggest con for me, as I frequently text RtM to add tasks on the go.

- Over-simplistic design, might be too simple for some.

- Lack of the ability to prioritize tasks.

While Remember the Milk has all of the features listed in the cons section, it lacks the ability to add email's as tasks, and also the tight single sign-in, Google account integration. These two major features are what are pushing me to use this as my new online to-do list.

Note: As mentioned earlier in the article, this feature is still in the Labs section in the Settings area of Gmail and must be enabled.

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