December 14, 2008

BP Announces Plan to Add Free Wi-Fi to Stations

Did you ever stop for gas and feel the urge to check your email? Or renew your library material? Or buy an on-line product?

If so, you may soon be in luck. On December 15, British Petroleum will announce that it has reached a deal with two technology companies, Ruckus Wireless and HarborLink, to start equipping its 9,000 North American gas stations with wi-fi.

According to David Callisch, a spokesman for Ruckus Wireless, quoted in this article in The New York Times, the company is trying to create a “sticky” situation: “People go to the gas station and you can get them to stay longer,” he said. “Wi-Fi quickly becomes a money-making opportunity for [the stations].”

1 comment:

John Robertson said...

I'd prefer not to check my email at the gas station. Too many gasoline fumes are not good for you.