June 2, 2009

Find Current Information Using Our New Search Box

Notice something new on The Tech Desk?

To the right, near the top, there is now a "Search Technology" search box. This will make it easier to find technology information in our entire "neighborhood" -- on our site and all the other sites and blogs we read.

Here's how it works: You remember that we have written on a topic of interest to you, for example, Library electronic resources available to use on your iPod. So you search "iPod" in the search box. The results are displayed, with the first tab showing results from our blog; the second, results on the sites to which we are linked; and the third, results from the blogs we read:

So not only do you find a reference to our posts on the subject -- for instance, More Titles from OverDrive to be iPod Compatible -- but in the second and third tabs you find posts from several other sites we've referenced. This means that you will be able to use The Technology Desk as the starting point for your research on current technology issues.

Try it out and let us know what you think.

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