June 30, 2009

Job Search Logs May Help Your Job Search Be More Successful

When job searching, sometimes it is easy to lose track of all the places to which you sent a resume, as well as pertinent information, such as when you interviewed and to whom you spoke. Following up with contacts can be key to a successful job search.

To help you organize all your job search information, Microsoft has made available a Job Search Log template. This template allows you to easily reference many aspects of your job search, such as the date you submitted your resume, the status of your application, and even notes to yourself about that particular job.

To access this template:

  • Open Microsoft Excel 2007.

  • Click the Microsoft Office Button.

  • Click "New", and type "job search log" in the search box.

  • Double-click on the image to view the log.

You can also access this template as well as other job search log templates by going to Microsoft's website and typing in "Job Search Log" in the search box. If none of these templates quite suit your needs, you can always use Microsoft Excel 2007 spread sheets to create a customized job search log.

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