October 11, 2008

Not so fast...

There is an old saying information technology pros know well (remember when it was called data processing?), "We never have time to do it right, but we always seem to have time to do it twice."

The point of that saying is the truism that sometimes you have to go slow to go fast. Seriously. And that is never more true than when you are going too fast and are too busy to back up all your hard work.

Not a day goes by in the old Technology Center at the Troy Public Library when we aren't consoling some poor person who has just lost all their hard work due to going too fast. I'm not even talking about backing data up here, just simply saving it. I often walk around the room and notice people who've worked for hours on a document and they haven't even saved it yet! This is a disaster waiting to happen. Remember, save your documents early and often.

And speaking of backing up files, this is another area we often see tragic consequences. These days it's so easy to simply copy your important files to a flash drive or burn to a CD that there is really no excuse to lose your data to a catastrophic system failure. And believe me, it happens more than people like to think. It's not if the system crashes, but when. Save, save, save.

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