October 8, 2008

Making the Change to Feedburner

We are pleased to report that we have just moved The Tech Desk to Feedburner, which will allow us to more easily distribute our blog through RSS feeds.

Here's how this change will improve The Tech Desk:
  • Feedburner will allow us to track how many people are reading our blog through RSS feeds.
  • Along with knowing how many subscribers we have, we will also be able to see which posts are getting the most reads, and in which subjects you are most interested.
  • Our blog feed will now have a del.icio.us link at the bottom of each post, which means you will be able to add quickly your favorite post to this social bookmarking site.
  • Finally, both our Atom and RSS feeds will link back to the same SmartFeed provided by Feedburner.
We've also added our blog to the blog search engines Technorati and Google Blog Search, and our posts should start to be visible there as they accumulate.

If you are an RSS subscriber you will need to switch over to our new feed located at the follow link: http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheTechDesk

If you have any questions about the changeover, feel free to leave a comment and ask!

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