October 11, 2008

Take Another Look at That Email Before You Send It with Mail Goggles

How many of you have sent late night emails that you later regret? To bosses, co-workers, exes?

I know I have.

Well, if you use Google’s gmail, the company is trying to help you stop this behavior. Google Labs has just developed a new feature for gmail – Mail Goggles – that, when enabled, will ask you a series of math questions before sending your email. The idea is that if you are not in the right state of mind to solve a few math problems, you might want to reconsider sending the email you just wrote.

To enable Mail Goggles, in gmail go to Settings then Lab. Then, set when you want Mail Goggles to check your email -- and the difficulty of the math questions -- by going to Settings then General.

Now, quit sending those emails that you later regret.

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