October 15, 2008

We're all a-Twitter

Whenever I'm looking to keep tabs on my favorite people, or want to share with others a short piece of interesting news, I turn to Twitter.

Twitter is the definitive "micro-blog" social-networking website. Users can create a simple profile and post short updates (called "tweets") on just about anything -- from their day-to-day activities to political opinions to great links -- whatever they'd like to share with the world. By "short updates" I mean short - each post has a 140 character limit. Quite the challenge for your average sesquipedalian.

You can follow more than your friends on Twitter. Check out some of these famous Tweeters:
  • Barack Obama
    • Barack Obama created a Twitter account to keep his fans up-to-date on his latest news. His choice of vice presidential candidate Joe Biden was first released to the public by his Twitter account.
  • Kevin Rose
    • Creator of the hugely popular social-bookmarking site Digg.
  • CNN Breaking News
    • Be the first to find out - breaking news updates from CNN
  • Stephen Colbert
    • Television and movie actor; host of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report
  • Jessamyn West
    • Of librarian.net and MetaFilter fame - in my mind I think of Jessamyn as "Librarian 2.0" - she's my hero.
A few more fun and useful links:

The Twitter Blog

Curious to know what others are talking about on Twitter? The Twitter Blog shows trends in recent tweets.

A Newbie's Guide to Twitter
Totally confused? This website goes into more detail for new-to-Twitter users.

A listing of the top 100 Twitter users.

Twittering Teddy
If you're lucky enough to still have a fully functioning Teddy Ruxpin (circa 1985), you might consider using this hacking guide to turn him into a Twitter-reading robot.

Give Twitter a try - and let me know how you like it by commenting here at the Tech Blog or send me a tweet.

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