October 5, 2008

Web 2.0 Never Tasted So Good

For many years, we've saved our favorite websites by adding them to our "favorites" or "bookmarks" in the web browser of our choice (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, etc.). The major shortfall of this method is that our favorite websites are tied to one person, one computer, one browser.

What happens when you want to look up one of your bookmarked sites from another computer? Or when you want to share them with your friends? What happens when you have so many bookmarked websites that you can't remember where you saved them in the first place?

You sign up for a free del.icio.us account.

The social bookmarking site del.icio.us offers a better way to save your favorite websites for sharing and future use. Del.icio.us users save their favorite websites, organize them in a more efficient fashion, and share them easily with others. Now, doesn't that sound simply delicious?

To use del.icio.us, you need to first create a free account. Second, download software to add del.icio.us buttons to your web browser. Finally, you can import your old bookmarks into your new del.icio.us account.

These steps are quick and easy -- the website walks new users through the process step-by-step. From then on, every time you visit a website you enjoy, you can add that site to your del.icio.us bookmarks with the click of a button. Then, you can access these favorites from any computer, any place, using any browser.

Another fabulous feature of del.icio.us is that you can tag your bookmarks with keywords. This makes for better organization of your bookmarks so you can find them in a snap.

You can also put
the social in social bookmarking, by sharing easily your favorites with others. For instance, to see what the librarians at Troy are enjoying, visit http://delicious.com/TPLbookmarks . You can also see which websites are most popularly saved by other del.icio.us users here: http://delicious.com/popular/ .

Happy browsing!

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