January 12, 2009

Happy Monday

This was taken outside the Troy Library this morning

One, you have to love digital cameras.

Two, there was no pot of gold found in the parking lot of the Troy Marriott!

photo taken by Juliet Moy


Anonymous said...

It was absolutely beautiful this morning. Before you know it, it was gone. I looked on the web and tried to find the correct term. I believe it is something like "sun dog", or "22 degree halo". If you are familiar with this kind of rainbow, please provide some information.


John Robertson said...

It is indeed a "sun dog". Wikipedia has a good overview here. Also, a quick Google Images search revealed some fascinating pictures.

Sundogs are caused by light refracting off ice crystals in the atmosphere .

As to the name? I found an article in Academic One File (a database the Library subscribes to) by Stephen Wilk that explains possible origins of the name. The article's title is "Every dog has its day: mythology may explain the parhelia/sun dog origin mystery".