January 27, 2009

Maybe Big Brother Really is Watching

If you've had a bit too much inaugural coverage (I have) and the coming of the new age (looks like the old age to me), then I apologize for adding one more "you have got to see this" moment. But really, you have got to see this. Go ahead and zoom in on someone waaaay out in the Mall and the implications slowly dawn that his technology, cool as it is (and it really is) is kind of scary too. BTW, what do you think Clarence Thomas is thinking?


Maria said...

This is very, very creepy but also pretty cool in a weird way.

Phillip Kwik said...

Scary? It's a camera, and cameras take pictures of people. They have been around 150 years.

When I make a public statement of my political beliefs, I expect to be seen.

I don't find that as invasion of privacy; I welcome the right to express myself.

John Robertson said...

I was disappointed that I couldn't zoom in to read the music the band was playing!

Barry said...

Come on Phillip, think a bit less linearly. Or maybe a lot less. First of all, it's not just a camera. It's highly sophisticated imaging technology, including highly advanced morphing software, and significant server and bandwitdth capacity. The implication of this technology, given the dramatic advancements of those capabilities, is that any public space (or possibly any space), at any time, privacy is off the table. Give it a few years and you'll begin to see that kind of "security" deployed in many places, perhaps on your street. Not scary?