January 3, 2009

NASA Rovers Celebrate 5 Years on the Red Planet

I have always been interested in the planets and stars, so this report from the BBC caught my eye: the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), is celebrating the 5th anniversary of the landing of two moving robots (rovers), Spirit and Opportunity, on Mars.

The rovers -- which landed on January 3 and 24, 2004, and which were suppose to last about 90 days each -- have been sending back photos and reports from the Red Planet for five years. Among other things, they have gathered more evidence of water on Mars.

Watch some NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory staff speak enthusiastically about the project.

Even more remarkable to me, the rovers have existed this long on solar power. It seems that a solution to our oil dependence might be buried somewhere in there.

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