January 6, 2009

Downloadable eBook and Audiobook Use Soars in 2008

OverDrive, one of the suppliers of digital downloadable ebooks and audiobooks to the Troy Public Library, just announced that 2008 was a record-setting year for its service.

Checkouts of OverDrive downloadable audiobooks, ebooks, music and video exceeded 10 million items in 2008. This included 4.2 billion minutes of digital spoken word audio -- the equivalent of 47 million audio CDs.

The number of new users increased by 45% over 2007, and patron sessions grew 63% to over 30 million. The OverDrive digital catalog grew to 150,000 titles, including 5,500 iPod-compatible MP3 audiobooks.

The most downloaded OverDrive audiobooks in 2008 were:

1. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
2. The Appeal by John Grisham
3. New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
4. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
5. 7th Heaven by James Patterson
6. 1st to Die by James Patterson
7. The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama
8. 24 Hours by Greg Iles
9. Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts
10. The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

The most downloaded OverDrive ebooks for the year were:

1. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
2. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
3. New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
4. Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas
5. Because You're Mine by Lisa Kleypas

To take a look at the Troy Library’s OverDrive collection, go to the Library’s home page at www.libcoop.net/troy, and click Downloadable eBooks, Audiobooks, and Videos in the left-hand frame. While there you can also read about our other downloadable collections.

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