March 4, 2009

Readability Makes Reading Websites Easier

Have you ever tried to read a story on a website that had video streaming on one side of the page, boxes popping up as you moved the cursor on the other side, and ad images and links breaking up the text of the story?

Worse yet, have you ever tried to print such an article? Ads print incorrectly, text runs off the side of the page, and you are never sure if you have the entire story.

If so, you might try Readability, a simple tool that strips away the clutter around the text on website, making it easier to read – or to cut and paste – the content.

All you do is go to Readability, select how you want the text you read to appear – in small, medium or large size, with narrow or wide margins – and then drag the Readability icon to your browser’s tool bar.

Then, when you visit a page you want to read, just click on the icon in the toolbar.

Readability turns this page:

Into this:

[via metafiler]

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Maria said...

This is SO cool and very useful!