March 25, 2009

Wireless Users Are More Engaged in Web 2.0

Those of us who use mobile technology – cell phones, laptops, PDAs – are more electronically active in digital life and more involved with Web 2.0 tools than those who use wires to plug into the Internet.

According to the latest Pew Internet and American Life Project report, The Mobile Difference, 39% of Americans have positive and improving attitudes toward mobile communication devices, which in turn draws them further into engagement with digital resources.

The report, based on data collected in December 2007, found that:
  • 8% of adults use mobile devices and broadband platforms for continual information exchange to collaborate with their social networks;
  • 7% of adults actively use mobile devices and social networking tool, yet are ambivalent about all the connectivity;
  • 8% of Americans find mobility lighting their information pathways, but have comparatively few tech assets at home; and
  • 16% of adults are active conduits of content and information.
The remaining 61% are anchored to stationary media; though many have broadband and cell phones, coping with access is often too much for them.

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