May 6, 2009

Amazon's Kindle DX Debuts as Newspaper, Textbook Reader

As widely rumored, Amazon has announced a new, larger version of the Kindle, the “Kindle DX.”

Amazon is promoting the new Kindle as a textbook reader and has deals with publishers Cengage, Pearson, and Wiley. Amazon is also working with several universities to make the device available to their students in the fall. However, the $489 price tag may limit student usage, unless the cost is subsidized.

The device is also aimed at newspaper readers and will allow people to share personal documents. As the Wall Street Journal puts it, this “underscores Amazon’s ambition to turn the device from a niche gadget to a more mass-market electronic reader.”

The Kindle DX is currently available for pre-order. Amazon is not giving an exact delivery date, saying it will be “this summer.”

First impressions of the new device all popping up all over the Web:
[via EarlyWord]

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