May 7, 2009

Flash Drive Bargains

Here at The Tech Desk, we highly recommend the use of USB flash drives to store data. They are extremely portable, offer large amounts of data storage, easy to use, and are relatively inexpensive.

If you are in the market for a big, new flash drive, lists some current bargains available, including the SanDisk Cruzer Contour, a favorite of The Tech Desk staffer Chris Hunsanger.

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Joy said...

Some things to remember:
1. What kind of data are you porting? If it is of the sensitive kind, consider paying more for some encryption.
2. Do you move really large files around (gigabyte sized)? - consider flash drives with built in compression programs.
Also keep in mind that the larger the drive the greater the tendency to become messy (if you are like me - not very organized) - keep it clean.
3. Back up. Back up. Back up.

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