May 31, 2009

Don't Just Recycle -- Freecycle!

The problem: Junk everywhere. And nowhere to put it but the landfill.

The solution: A communal approach that shows that one household's junk is another's salvation.

The "How-to" from Annabelle Gurwitch, from Planet Green’s Wasted television show and
"The concept of 'freecycling' has exploded in recent years, especially with the website You go there and type in where you live and what you need to get rid of -- it could be a baby crib you no longer need or a set of old golf clubs.

Once you've posted the availability of items, you could get dozens of responses from people near you who need them. Then, you put it on your curb and it's gone!

I worked with one woman who had a ceiling fan and aquarium to get rid of. She was ready to pay for a salvage company to pick them up. I steered her toward freecycling instead, and she got 20 responses in one day. And she was able to get baby clothes that she needed from a mom whose child had outgrown them.

I have gotten rid of our child's crayons and magic markers doing this -- someone had a day-care business and needed them."

[via USA Weekend]

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