May 31, 2009

New Site Helps with Elder Care

The “Sandwich Generation” describes those who are sandwiched between the dual responsibilities of caring for their own children and for aging parents or relatives.

Former AOL Digital Chief and founder of Launchbox Digital, John McKinley found a distressing lack of resources that helped adults find the right care providers for elderly parents. McKinley vowed to create a portal aimed towards the consumer and this month he launched
OurParents, a free elder care matching service, focused on assisting adult children with aging parents find the right care solution that meets the parents’ health care needs.

OurParents offers descriptions, services, quality ratings, and price info for care providers and allows consumers to filter search results by location, cost, quality, distance and special requirements. Free detailed reports about each facility, which includes access to the Medicare ratings, detailed audit findings, community data, and information about nearby hospitals and clinics are available once the user creates an account.

1 comment:

Rob Lightner said...

This is a great resource - thanks so much! I'm trying to get my parents to use HealthVault to keep track of blood pressure and meds and so on so that they can share that info with their doctors and me, with some success. My mom thinks it's neat but my dad - a retired engineer! - wants everything to be taken care of by his doctors, which hasn't worked out so well in the past. I'm hoping that when his primary doc retires (any day now), we can get him hooked up with someone more tech-savvy. Thanks again!