May 8, 2009

Google Continues to Be the Most Popular Search Engine and Video Site in U.S.

comScore, a marketing company that surveys the behavior of digital consumers for businesses looking to expand electronically, has just released the results of several surveys. Two show the dominance of Google on the Internet:

In January 2009, Americans conducted 13.5 billion core searches, a 7% increase over December 2008. Google Sites handled 8.5 billion searches, followed by Yahoo! Sites with 2.8 billion and Microsoft Sites with 1.1 billion. For Google, that amounted to 63% of the market, down slightly from 63.5% in December. The other search engines market shares were equally flat.

December 2008 saw U.S. online video viewing surge 13% in a record-setting month, as Americans viewed 14.3 billion videos as the year closed. Google Sites again ranked as the top U.S. video property with 5.9 billion videos viewed (41% online video market share), with accounting for more than 99% of all videos viewed at the property. Fox Interactive Media ranked second with 445 million videos (3.1%), followed by Yahoo! Sites with 330 million (2.3%) Viacom Digital with 291 million (2%), and Hulu with to 241 million (1.5%).

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