February 1, 2009

Google Dominates Internet Searches

Almost two-thirds (63.5%) of all Internet searches are done on Google, according to the comScore 2008 Digital Year in Review. (Requires registration and .pdf download.) That’s up from 58.5% the previous year. Of the 137 billion estimated total searches performed in the U.S. last year, 85 billion were done on Google.

What is even more impressive is that Google accomplished this growth while all other search engines statistics were flat for the year.

[via TechChrunch]


Maria said...

For some reason, I've always preferred Yahoo!(and someone once told me it stands for Yet Another Hyperactive Overrated Oracle). Now it's just a habit, except when I'm at work & Google automatically loads up on the Reference Desk.

Phillip Kwik said...

Interesting, Maria. Why do you prefer Yahoo?

I think Google is an excellent product, for its clean interface and because it gives me the hits I seek.

What do others use as a search engine?

Maria said...

I'm used to Yahoo's interface, including its tons of information--even though that's why some peple dislike it. And I do find what I want using it. I also have my main email through it.

jemthoreau said...

I have always liked google because it is clean (no ads). It's probably more of a habit now. I like that I can click news or google something under news (and still get no annoying ads). I know there are like sponsored links on the right but it's not the same as the hyper in-your-face animated ads and floating ads.

What is there anymore besides yahoo and goggle? Is Ask.com still out there?