February 24, 2009

Using Social Network Sites in Your Job Search

Here is an excellent post from Mashable about using social network sites to help in your job search.

Author Dan Schawbel explains:
Some of these sites allow you to craft a resume, while others are networking platforms that contain job listings. By signing up for all ten, you increase your chances of getting a job and decrease the amount of time you’ll spend searching for a new one. Three of the listed sites can be combined with other sites to be more impactful. In addition to joining, creating profiles and searching for jobs, I encourage you to support these sites with either a traditional website or blog, so that you have more to present to employers, in addition to your profile.

Social network sites are the way to find a job today. Foot, phone and paper are things of the past.

Another example of how social network sites are growing up.

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