February 14, 2009

Seven Things to Hate about Windows 7

In January, The Tech Desk reviewed Windows 7, the new Microsoft operating system set to be released later this year. Staffer Chris Hunsanger gave the OS -- which is replacing the much-criticized Windows Vista OS -- a generally positive review.

But we know nothing is perfect.

Here, from Gizmodo -- the gadget blog -- are 7 Things We Hate about Windows 7.


Maria said...

This is one of the many reasons I hope my next computer will be a Mac. Someday.

jemthoreau said...

That was an entertaining review. I hope they fix that stuff because I was considering upgrading soon. However, with the really cool tools you guys posted from that PC Magazine article, I probably won't use the basic Windows interface anymore anyway. I LOVE the ObjectBar and Fences!