February 26, 2009

Video Gaming in Libraries Under Investigation

With video game sales topping $21 billion last year, and video games becoming a major entertainment source for everyone from children to senior citizens, one wonders why officials in Nebraska wanted to investigate librarians for buying and learning to play video games so that they could run video game programming in their library.

Libraries today must respond to the needs and wants of their community, and today offer not just books, but also many other entertainment options, from DVDs, CDs, downloadable materials such as e-books and e-audiobooks, and yes, video games. Even the American Library Association last year sponsored a National Gaming Day @ Your Library.

You can find video games and video game programming available at the Troy Public Library by searching our catalog or by clicking on the "Sign up for exciting classes and programs" link on our website.

1 comment:

Maria said...

I guess those NE legislators don't have more pressing matters to be worried about (unemployment, budget issues, etc.)? Not my problem if my librarian job is more fun than theirs!