April 24, 2009

Find The Cost of A Car Repair with RepairPal

As drivers in Michigan know, due to sudden freezes and thaws, winter this year created a bumper crop of potholes with which to contend. Now, unfortunately, many of our cars may have alignment problems, suspension issues, and more.

Before taking your car to a mechanic or the dealership, take a look at RepairPal. Just enter you car's make, model, year, and type of service you need done and RepairPal will provide you with a price range the repair should cost, and also a Google Map showing various repair shops based on your zip code. Additionally, RepairPal provides information about why it is a good idea to get the repair done and what may happen if you wait. The site also offers a helpful auto repair encyclopedia with articles such as Do I Really Need New Shock Absorbers? and Car Fluid Leaks: What to Do.

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Maria said...

This might be especially good for some women who are often clueless about cars and thus easy targets for opportunistic mechanics.