April 25, 2009

Windows 7 Release Candidate Available May 5

Microsoft has announced that the “release candidate” version of its long awaited Windows 7 operating system will be available for download by program developers and IT professionals on April 30 and more broadly on May 5.

Making the release candidate available means that the company is in the final stages of completing the operating system, the successor to the unpopular Windows Vista.

Vista, launched to the public in 2007, was incompatible with some low-power machines and perceived by many to be too complicated. Windows 7 has been getting good reviews in limited public tests over the last few months.

Microsoft has still not said when the finished version of Windows 7 would begin to be installed on personal computers or available to buy in shops, but the company's chief financial officer said recently it could be as early as July.

[via Yahoo News]

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