April 18, 2009

Gmail Suggests To Whom You Should Send Emails

Google keeps trying to help you send better emails with Gmail.

First, there was Mail Goggles, a feature to help you stop sending obnoxious, angry or flaming emails. Goggles, when enabled, will ask you a series of math questions before sending your email. The idea is that if you take a few minutes to cool down -- or sober up -- before hitting send, you might save yourself great embarrassment.

Then, came Undo Send, which puts a five to 10-second hold on all outgoing messages. So if you send an email with a typo, or to the wrong person, or one which might land you in hot water, you can undo it.

Now, Gmail Labs has created a “suggest more recipients” feature that suggests contacts that you might want to include in a group email based on the people you’ve grouped together as email recipients in the past. No more accidentally leaving out that important person who needs to know.

For example, if you often send family emails to your mother, father, spouse, sister and brother, when you start composing an email to your mother and father, Gmail will suggest adding your sister, spouse, and brother. The feature is triggered only after you’ve added at least two recipients to the email.

To enable the feature, go to Gmail Labs and turn it on as a setting.

[via TechCrunch]

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